Following a 6-Step Consultancy process.



Let’s start with your vision… it’s all about what clients want to achieve. This informs all that I do.

I follow a consultancy cycle (6-step process) from start to finish of a project, focusing on adding value with all consultancy interventions. Sometimes, I add a 7th step (Extension), to work on further optimizing a project.




The success of a project starts with the Entry stage. I immerse myself in your business and listen to your challenges, goals and project requirements. During this essential discovery phase of the process, I help you to step back and review your business – what’s working and what’s not. I then scope out your requirements ensuring that your needs are being addressed.



Once I’ve fully scoped out the project together, I create a proposal to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page for the project requirements and terms.

Research & Analysis, Benchmarking, Ideas & Feasibility


This is the analysis and diagnosis stage where I develop a detailed understanding of the issues or opportunity. I use different tools and techniques to gather the information we need and discuss the findings with you. 

For example, when it comes to digital strategy insight into how your customers interact online is a critical part of the planning process and illuminates the way forward. I research your sector, customers and competition. As part of the research & analysis, if clients already have customer data, I work with this data and where relevant conduct surveys to help deepen the understanding of your customers. Then, I develop insight into your current positioning and identity. At the same time, I help you understand the role digital transformation plays in your business – this is different for everyone. I believe this is key to establishing a strategy that will coalesce with your business objectives. 

Planning for Action


Once I have all of this insight, I then research, identify and benchmark the most appropriate strategies/solutions for your project. What strategy, what digital platform, what content management system, what content strategy etc. I also help you to determine which partners will be the best to deliver the solution.

I then make my recommendations for your requirements – the ‘future state’ – along with a project plan with key milestones. I work closely with you and your team to develop recommendations that have the potential for sustainable change for the organisation.

Planning and project management with an iterative approach


I have strong digital project management experience and am often engaged to guide and advise client teams in the implementation phase of a project. This is an optional phase with some clients preferring to manage the implementation of the project themselves.

I plan and create a roadmap (a high-level plan with all the key initiatives) and, are then typically asked to project manage the implementation of the larger initiatives in the plan. I more often than not use agile development methodology to help rapidly iterate and bring your digital initiatives to market. For some clients, this involves building a minimal viable product (MVP) to measure and learn from customer response in order to further develop and innovate. 

Coupled with effective project management, my experience can help you achieve real results on budget and in real time.

Project feedback, review & closure


Once I have completed a project this is where together, I review what has been achieved, ensure capability transfer and formally close the assignment.

Refine and improve


Sometimes there may be an ‘extension’ to a project. Often clients decided to engage my services to help them further refine and improve a solution once they start getting data from the project. My additional work can include working with your teams, training, coaching, new additional solutions to support the project, etc.


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